Each class is comprised of no more than ten students, making it ideal for individualized attention. The National curriculum is used, making adjustments where necessary. The classrooms, as well as the lessons are student friendly. Our Library, Science and Computer Labs are well equipped.

Our teachers are college graduates and we also have deaf facilitators on staff. The staff goes the extra mile to ensure that our students are well educated. We cater to students from ages 2-20 years old.

Currently we are constructing a Vocational Training Center which will cater to skills training.

Extra Curiccular Activities

It is said that all work and no play makes Jack (or Jill) a dull boy (or girl).

Our students unwind in the various Clubs offered at school. There is the Aktion Club (a service club) – an arm of Kiwanis International, Dance Club, Choir, Bluecross Wellness Club and Drama Club. These are ways for the children to develop and showcase their talents and to be of service to others.


The students are encouraged to enter competitions, so as to become more socialized and to raise self-esteem. Some competitions entered are: JCDC Dance, Science Fairs, Optimist CCDHH, Spelling Bee for the Deaf and any other competition that our students are qualified for.

Dorm Life

Being a residential school, the students are away from their home so their comfort is of utmost importance. Students have individual beds, they have loving mothers to take care of them as well as teach them how to take care of themselves.

Students are paired in a buddy system. Older students are assigned to a younger student whom they help to take care of and look out for especially in an emergency.

They have a sitting room where they congregate to watch the local television stations or movies, to socialize or to do homework. Children are provided with three meals per day.

Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf is an institution geared to the wholistic development of its students in a family-like setting. It is an oasis in the desert where the deaf is thirsty for love, acceptance and equality.