One Cup at a Time

Bonhoeffer’s Best Javafest is a group of individuals who have joined together to run a very successful coffee booth at New England’s premiere Christian music festival, Soulfest. During SoulFest’s three days and nights of music and activities, the Bonhoeffer’s Javafest group sells drinks and snacks, donating their profits to support a mission of their choosing. This year we were thrilled to hear they would be supporting our school with the fruits of their hard labors.

The music festival was in August 2015, and we were presented with a check in late October. Marcia, our school administrator, was visiting New Hampshire and had a chance to meet the individuals that worked so hard at the coffee booth to make this donation to our school possible.

We were able to put their donation to good use. The money they sent us went to the following:

  • Purchased a water tank
  • Covered a waste pit that was caving in and diverting the sewage to another pit
  • Purchased a printer/copier/fax machine
  • Purchased a freezer for the kitchen as well as an igloo drink cooler
  • Paid electricity bill
  • Purchased food items
  • Allotted remaining funds across 4 months to help with our budget

Our hearts are touched by the generosity of this group. They have contributed greatly towards the work God is doing here.

‘When He saw the crowds, He had compassion on the people.’ Matthew 9:36

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