Not disabled, just differently-abled


To be the premier educational institution for the Deaf in Jamaica providing first class values-based education and training built on a spiritual foundation that will motivate towards self-actualization and service to society.

Welcome to Jamacia Christian School for the Deaf

JCSD is a residential school. Most students live on campus four nights and five days a week, returning to their families on the weekends, for holidays and during the summer. There are some students that return home only when the school is closed during holidays and the summer.

The majority of public schools in Jamaica do not offer special classes or assistance to deaf children or children with other special needs. Many Jamaican deaf children are born into families that do not have the financial resources to provide their child with a private education or teach them a trade. These social and economic problems lead to a cultural climate in which deaf people are often overlooked and/or treated as outcasts.

Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf (JCSD) actively seeks out deaf children and works with their families to make it possible for them to receive an education in a safe and positive Christian environment. Our desire is to see each student reach his or her full potential.

The main mode of communication is sign language. The National Curriculum of the Ministry of Education is used and adapted to suit our students. Our students are exposed to the National Government examinations.

Spirituality plays an integral role in the life of the students and they are exposed to the WORD from the kindergarten stage in the classroom and also in their dorm life. Students also start computer classes at the primary level. Our students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities. Our clubs include: Dance, Drama, Choir, Aktion and Wellness. Our students are also exposed to competitions such as National Spelling Bee, Dance, Communication Contests, Wellness, Hula Hoop, etc.


The Bible is God’s Word. It is true. His words govern our lives. God is the one true God. He has always lived in three equal Persons: the Father, Jesus Christ His Son, and the Holy Spirit.

God loves all people. He wants us to be right with Him, but our sin blocks the way. However, because of His love for mankind, He sent His Son Jesus Christ to pay for our sins. Nothing else but the blood of Jesus can take away all our sins.

The only way people can go to heaven and live with God is to have a personal faith in Jesus Christ. Anyone who trusts Jesus as Savior is “born again” into God’s forever family.

God the Holy Spirit guides and gives power to His children who are called Christians or believers.

Jesus Christ will come again. All people who love and serve Him will live with Him in heaven forever.