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Residential School for Deaf Children

Who We Are

Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf is a residential facility that caters to the needs of hearing impaired children. Our school is located in the cool hills of St. James, in a farming community named Eden and as the name suggests, it is beautiful.  We cater to the spiritual, academic , social and moral needs of our students who range from  two years old to eighteen years old.

As a learning institution, we are striving to seek out and educate children who are deaf. We are striving to put in infrastructure that will allow us to better able serve our students, so that these children can become productive, independent citizens of society.

Did You Know?

The cost to educate, and care for each of our students is approximately $475 a month. As a residential school, we provide our students with housing, three meals a day, and a special education.  Most months we struggle to provide for these young people. It is through the grace of God and caring people like you that we have come thus far.

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Starla PerdewI would LOVE to come back one day3 weeks ago   ·  1
Starla PerdewWow.....this place looks amazing!! Looks so much better than it did in 1995 when I was there on a missions trip.3 weeks ago   ·  1
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Bonnie WeberOh how i miss this place, thank you for sharing with us.3 weeks ago
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